Empowering your  transformation

I see you...

You're a woman with a dream, passionate about using your skills and knowledge to build and grow your business, be successful and make an impact on the world.  You know what you want, but you hold yourself back, feeling like a fraud. There's a block, a resistance that you can't quite get beyond - you don't believe in yourself enough to make your dream a reality. You've done the training, got the qualifications, but somehow you never feel like you know enough. You doubt yourself. You worry about what other people think of you or your business and end up feeling so overwhelmed by all the things you 'should' be doing that you end up procrastinating and rather than taking action to achieve your goals, or spend time on the wrong things.  

You want to be visible, find more clients, feel comfortable talking about your offer and create a larger and more stable income stream. You dream of stepping into your potential and creating the life you want. 

If you don't believe in yourself, how can your client's believe in you? You've spent your whole life feeling like you weren't good enough, playing small and trying to be who you think you should be rather than showing your true self to the world. 

We are born a blank slate with unlimited confidence (have you ever noticed that a baby doesn't shy away from attention, it laps it up), but throughout our lives we have experiences and our subconscious mind create beliefs about ourselves as a result of them. Sometimes those beliefs hold us back or limit us (whether we know it or not) and it does that because it wants to keep us safe. 

But here's the secret...

The more you learn to love, like and trust yourself just as you are, the more things fall into a state of flow. When you show up as your authentic self other people are attracted to you and what you have to offer. When you stop judging yourself, you stop worrying about what anyone else thinks. It sounds like a cliche, but everything you need really is inside of you; sometimes we need someone to help us unlock that part of our mind so that we feel safe and empowered to be our true selves. 

Hi, I'm Helen...

....a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach, for women who want to unlock their unlimited potential and create success in their life and business.

Find your confidence, clarity and courage by overcoming self-doubt and banishing impostor syndrome, break free from worrying what anyone else thinks and stop procrastinating  to step into your unlimited potential. 

Together we can find the root cause of whatever is holding you back and reprogram your mind to set you free. 

Isn't it time you stepped into your potential?

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You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

The Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum

"Helen was so understanding to my needs and got to the root of my issue very quickly, easily and reassuringly. I would highly recommend Helen for anyone who has something holding them back. I came to her wanting more confidence, motivation and zest for life, and somehow she got to why I was holding back and managed to disconnect my old beliefs so now I feel more free and able to think positively toward achieving my goals. I have listened to the recording nightly and already feel a significant change. Thank you, Helen"


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