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Hi, I'm Helen....

I help women like you; passionate about your business and dreaming of success, but the only problem is that you repeatedly doubt yourself and are afraid to take the action that you need to in order to get where you want to be.


You feel like a fraud or ask yourself 'who am I to do this?' You hold yourself back from being visible because you worry what other people will think, you constantly compare yourself with those around you and feel like you aren't good enough or that everyone else is doing it better.


You're sick of getting in your own way and self sabotaging.... you can feel that you are blocked by something but you don't really know why or what to do about it. You feel overwhelmed by all the things you 'should' do but that block is holding you back and you are procrastinating. That's where I come in.

Together we can uncover the root cause as to why you feel blocked, overcome self-doubt, break free of worrying what other people think and feel empowered to take meaningful action. My unique one to one programme combines deeply transformational conscious and subconscious strategies and tools to uncover the root cause of your block, by identifying how and why you first acquired it, and then set you free by healing past wounds, and releasing self-limiting beliefs and reprogramming the mind with empowering new beliefs all tailored to how you want to think, feel and act going forward. 

I've been there myself....

Why work with me?

I experienced low grade anxiety all my life, even as young as 6 years old I can remember laying awake at night worrying about things and I'd done or said. Age 26 I fulfilled my ambition and qualified as a lawyer. I thought I had made it! I had my own office, secretary, even a plaque on the door with my name on it, but very quickly I was crippled by self-doubt, who was I to be a lawyer? I was crippled by fears of making a mistake and seeing all my hard work come crashing down around me.


I woke up to a feeling of dread every day and within 15 months I quit my career in law. I went on to  have a successful career in financial services, but the old beliefs that I wasn't as good as my peers continued to haunt me, lurking in the background. The better the feedback I got the more I worried that I would be 'found out' and after a promotion, causing the impostor syndrome anxiety going through the roof I had a full blown burn out and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 

On my road to recovery I knew that I wanted to set up my own business. I'd dreamed of being an entrepreneur since a young age but felt like I had to have a career instead. Yoga was critical to my recovery and I dreamed of teaching yoga for burn out online. I signed up for the right courses but couldn't quite get myself to go public with my offer. It felt like an impossible dream, something that other people could do but I wasn't good enough, and I was worried what other people would think of me and what I was doing. In the end I attempted to launch in the most half-hearted way to crickets. I don't think anyone even watched my video saying that I was going to start offering a programme of yoga for burn out.

I felt ashamed of myself for failing and tried to console mself that at least I'd tried (I really hadn't!). 

2 years later I found Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), where the root of an issue in any problem is feeling like you are not enough enough. This massively resonated with me.  In one of my first experiences of RTT I understood how and why I'd developed the fatigue I was still experiencing from Fibromyalgia and in a heart beat I let it go. I've never had it back. I knew that RTT was life changing and couldn't wait to set up my own business to help others.

The moment I did, all those old beliefs around feeling not good enough, questioning who was I to do this, worrying about what other people would think of me and my business kicked in once more. I felt overwhelmed by all the emotional baggage that came with those thoughts and I found myself procrastinating. 

This time I knew what I needed to do and booked myself in for an RTT session! Immediately I felt a shift in mindset and my business started to take off. I had more new clients find me and book in the first week after my RTT session than I had in the previous 3  months combined. 

When I look back now and reflect on my journey I realise that I had to experience impostor syndrome for so many years, to feel like I was not enough and to feel frozen by fears of what other people might think, or fears of failing so that I can help others on their journey.

As I have invested in myself, done the deep inner wor and developed my mindset, my life, health and business have gone from strength to strength - and yours can too! 

This is a voyage of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love.

By working with my clients one to one over a 12 week 1:1 programme I am able to support them with transformation in both the sub-conscious and conscious mind, by helping them to understand how their past has created self-limiting beliefs, then reprogram the mind to love, like and trust themselves.


This is where the magic starts - when you love, like and trust yourself you are able to be more present, less anxious, stop worrying about what other people think and able to focus taking action aligned to your goals - so that's exactly what we do next; we create an action plan to achieve your goals and I provide support and accountability to get you there.


My package offers clients a unique blend of Rapid Transformational Therapy, hypnotherapy and coaching techniques drawn from Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as the principles of the law of attraction and enables you to transform your belief system, find courage to take meaningful action and create the life and business that you've been dreaming of.

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