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Transform your fear into confidence, Self-doubt to self-assured and feeling stuck into being empowered 

The number one way to build confidence is to DO the thing that you’re afraid of. Sounds simple right? But if it was that easy, you would already be taking the action that you know you need to.

I’m guessing that there is something that’s holding you back…. It’s invisible, almost like a force-field that holds you back from taking action aligned to your goals?


That force-field is made up of thoughts like ‘who am I to do this’, ‘what if I fail?’, ‘I feel like a fraud’, ‘who will buy from me?’, ‘I don’t know enough’ or ‘everyone else is already doing it better than me so what’s the point?’ - the more you think those thoughts, you begin to feel overwhelmed and don’t know what you should do first…. so you self-sabotage by procrastinating, or maybe you take action, but it’s not aligned to who you are or your goal (which is like throwing a dart over your shoulder blindfolded and hoping it hits the bullseye).


These thoughts are all signs that you have a mindset block, also known as self-limiting beliefs. You might not even be aware of what the beliefs are – because they are buried in your subconscious mind. That’s what can make them so difficult to shift.


It can feel easier hide behind your website or social media, not ‘be seen’ – or even give up! If your potential customers can’t see you, personally, and build a connection with you, then they won’t truly believe that you can help them.


You can help them, in fact, by not using your skills, knowledge and experience to help your ideal client, you are doing of you a disservice!

You’ll know that you need do the deep personal transformation work when:

  • You feel trapped by your own mindset and don’t know how to get out of the cycle of fear, self-doubt, worrying about what other people think or feel that you are not good enough

  • You look around at others achieving the things that you want to and wonder why their success is not happening to you

  • You are avoiding being visible online; using stock photos, not using your own image, avoiding doing live videos

  • Not putting your offer out there because it’s not perfect

  • You feel like a fraud, worry that you don’t know enough and keep waiting to be ‘found out’


To be successful you need to have strong self-belief, clear direction and take aligned action to put yourself out there and be seen as the expert that you are.

That's where I come in...

My unique blend of psychology, spirituality and strategy will help you to:

  • get crystal clear on your goals and identify the mindset blocks stopping you getting there right now

  • clear the mindset blocks that are holding you back and create empowering new self-beliefs

  • learn the secret to staying focused and motivated even when things get challenging

  • create a practical strategy and action plan to apply everything you have learnt and put yourself out there

Get confident & grow

In just 12 weeks you can lock unlimited self-belief and become a more confident, empowered, more successful version of yourself.

Working with me will help you to overcome your fears, doubts and insecurities at the deepest level, resulting in breakthroughs in your business and greater fulfilment from your life.

This isn’t just mindset coaching; this is personal and business transformation.


Whilst we are transforming your mindset, we will also build out an effective business strategy, with accountability for taking the actions you need to take in order to grow your business, so that you are supported on the next stage of your journey.


What makes this different to other confidence programs is that together we find the root cause of what is holding you back and heal emotional wounds before training the mind to love like and trust yourself.


This is where the magic starts - when you love, like and trust yourself you are able to be believe in yourself, be present, stop worrying about what other people think and able to focus on taking action aligned to your goals.

When the subconscious is focused on your goals it starts to look for opportunities to make it a reality!


Through a combination of mindset coaching, subconscious transformation using hypnotherapy and strategy planning we will transform your business mindset, and help you to feel confident and comfortable taking action, being visible online and making your goals a reality.


This is not a cookie cutter approach – this is entirely customised and tailored to what you need, but there are 4 key steps that will help you achieve the success that you want in life and business.


Step 1 - Together, we will set clear goals and why achieving them is important to you. Knowing your ‘why’ is critical to keep you motivated when you meet obstacles on your path, and it will keep you on track.


Step 2 – We will identify the exact mindset blocks that are holding you back and how they are currently showing up


Step 3 – We will remove the mindset blocks quickly and painlessly using fast acting deep hypnosis tools, and move

you into energetic alignment with your goals.


Step 4 – Develop a robust strategy, take action and create accountability so that you take productive steps towards achieving your goal.


Sounds like just what I need! What’s the investment?


It’s great that you recognise that your mindset is holding you back and that you’re ready to work on it. It takes courage and strength to realise that sometimes you need someone else to help you.

The 3 month program includes:

  • Two 1 hour calls per month where we will focus on mindset or strategy

  • Hypnotherapy session(s) as needed to help remove your mindset blocks (as part of our 2 calls per month)

  • Guided hypnosis recordings to listen to outside of our calls

  • Mindset coaching and exercises

  • Email support between calls


Investment: £1500 when paid in full or £1650 when paid in 3 monthly instalments (£550 per month).


I have worked with lots of women just like you, women who were frustrated by feeling like they were holding themselves back but wanting to finally step into their potential and create the life and business they dream of, but felt overwhelmed by all the things they ‘should’ do, and self-sabotaging their actions through their mindset.

I know what this is like, because I’ve been there myself! And I will use the exact same techniques I used to get past my mindset blocks to shift yours.


My client’s results include no longer feeling anxious, creating new clients, raising their prices, being confident talking about themselves at networking events, public speaking, working with senior leaders, feeling confident doing live broadcasts on social media, being their authentic self, creating and selling courses, sleeping better, more focused, creating big new goals and achieving them, feeling happy and many more.

What would your life and business look like in 6 months’ time if you were still within the force-field of self-doubt? Where would you like to be instead? If you are ready to stop getting in your own way, and want to step into a confident, empowered new you, get clear about your goals and have the courage to take all the action you need to fulfil them, my 12 week one to one programme is for you.


If you are ready to stop playing small and step into your potential you can schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me where we will go over any questions you have and find out if the programme is right for you. 



"Facing fears whatever they may be, is a hard thing to do. After a conversation with Helen I just knew she got me and I wanted to try RTT. Helen has this special way of making you feel totally at ease. So many things in my past have created fears and worries, and self-doubt was holding me back. After my session with Helen my thought process has completely changed - I am now proud of myself, and I am achieving results that I never knew I could! My work and personal lives have completely changed. Helen is totally amazing, a very special lady that totally cares and wants the best for her clients. I can take my life journey further, be happier and know it’s me making this journey happen through the help of Helen."


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