Break free from self-doubt, stop second guessing yourself and finally feel that you are good enough to make your business dreams a reality

You’re a woman with a dream, you want to make the world a better place by showing people how to be heathier, you know that to reach the volume of people to make the impact that you dream of you need to take your wellbeing or fitness business online.

But when you think of putting yourself ‘out there’ something shrinks inside.


You feel stuck. Something is holding you back.


It’s like you’re pushing up against an invisible wall that’s stopping you from

taking action and moving forwards with your business.


You avoid taking the action you know that you should be taking or you take the wrong actions.


You are feeling like a fraud or that you don’t know enough.


You stay in your comfort zone and play small.


You don’t trust yourself, and you can’t stick with your decisions.


You’re worried about what other people think of you and your business.


The ‘what if I fail?’ thought loop starts to play over and over, or even ‘what if I’m successful?’


You compare what you are doing with others in the industry and feel like you’ll never be as good as they are.


You just don’t feel like you are good enough.


Does this sound familiar to you?

Many people say the number one way to build confidence is to DO the thing that you’re afraid of. Sounds simple right? But if it was that easy, you would already be taking the action that you know you need to.

What if you could get past your mindset blocks, fears and residence to feel motivated about taking action without feeling like you are fighting yourself?

Imagine what if it could feel like if you could get excited about promoting yourself, not give a fig about what anyone else thinks?

That’s exactly why I developed my 3 month 1:1 program.

3 month 1:1 Program

A unique blend of mindset, unconscious healing and action taking to unlock your confidence and put yourself out there in the online arena.

This program will help you go from doubting yourself, feeling trapped and frustrated by your own thoughts and fears to feeling confident and motivated about taking action to get visible and grow your wellbeing business.


What makes this different to other confidence programs is that together we find the root cause of what is holding you back and heal emotional wounds before training the mind to love like and trust yourself.


This is where the magic starts - when you love, like and trust yourself you are able to be believe in yourself, be present, stop worrying about what other people think and able to focus on taking action aligned to your goals.


As your mindset transforms, we will create and implement an effective action plan to help you achieve your business goals, and create accountability to keep you on course as you implement the action plan.


In just 12 weeks you’ll completely transform your mindset and become action orientated.

How do I know what it feels like? Because I’ve been there!

After burning out in my corporate career and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was excited and intrigued by the idea of teaching yoga for burn out online. I signed up for a fancy marketing course, created a Facebook group and overnight it had 80+ ideal clients sign up. That’s the moment I started to panic.

I was only recently qualified as a yoga teacher (despite 13 years of going to regular classes), what did I know about teaching others? I worried what other people would think of my new direction in life, I felt like I needed to explain or justify what I wanted to do, but didn’t know how to. I was worried that I would fail. I was even worried that I’d be successful and I’d have no free time! Talk about conflicting beliefs.


I spent lots of time making videos or inspiring quotes, but couldn’t quite bring myself to take more action. I knew that I needed to engaging more online, or learning how best to reach more people who I could help, but I didn’t know how to and the fear I felt at putting myself into the public arena which is social media left me in a cold sweat.

As I’d look around at what other people were doing and achieving, I felt like I’d never be able to do it as well as they were doing it, and a little voice in my head said why even bother?


I was also aware that other people were doing exactly what I wanted to do – so what was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get past my fears and create a business?

Eventually I decided that it was now or never, just do it I told myself. What happened? I very half heartedly

‘launched’ my program (one that I had meticulously planned in detail) on a Facebook live, in my group, to crickets. I told myself that at least I’d tried; what I had done was unconsciously self-sabotaged myself.

You see that I was so afraid that I’d fail, that my mind created a way to fail which I felt in control of.


How did I get past it?


A few years later I qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and hypnotherapist. All the same fears and self-limiting beliefs came bubbling back to the surface, only this time I knew how the mind worked, recognised what was happening and put my money where my mouth is. I invested in deep unconscious mindset healing, and practical business coaching. I learned how to create a robust strategy and the mindset needed to implement it.

I started working with clients doing the same deep transformation work and although my client’s got phenomenal mindset shifts, I noticed that they didn’t always have the practical business knowledge to know what to do with their new mindset to really get results.


That’s how my 3 month 1:1 program was born.

Client Results

Caroline, Tonbridge

Since working with Helen I am more accepting of me, the work I do and that I am able to do it.


I can “talk” to myself, process my worries or doubts in a much better and positive way than I did before.

Helen understood where I was coming from, why I felt stuck and gave me some great ideas to think about and implement for my business.


If you are feeling stuck or held back, this really will help find where that sticking point is and allow you to move away from its hold to pursue your goals.

Yasmine, Rotherham

My transformation has been incredible!

The way Helen has managed to reprogram my mind and put a stop to the limiting beliefs that have run the show for the best part of three decades has changed everything.


Not only do I generally feel happier on a daily basis, truly believing I am worthy of good things, but just a few days after my RTT session with Helen, I made my first £2000 in my business and opportunities now keep coming my way.


I know it’s because of the work I’ve done with Helen.


Shereen, Carlshalton

I cannot put into words just how much my life has changed since working with Helen.

My outlook on life is now one of potential and opportunities. I am running towards the growth not just to get away from my past and fears.

I have more confidence in myself, I can be kinder and give myself permission to take time out without the guilt. The joy I feel is spectacular.


I actually feel excited about what is to come, I don’t dread the future than the surprises that life will throw.

How does it work?

In just 12 weeks you can lock unlimited self-belief and become a more confident, empowered, more successful version of yourself.


Working with me will help you to overcome your fears, doubts and insecurities at the deepest level, resulting in breakthroughs in your business and greater fulfilment from your life.


This isn’t just mindset coaching; this is personal transformation.


Whilst we are transforming your mindset, we will also build out an effective business action plan, with accountability for taking the actions you need to take in order to grow your business, so that you are supported on the next stage of your journey.


What makes this different to other confidence programs is that in addition to conscious mindset work, we will integrate deeply powerful unconscious healing tools using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and hypnotherapy to find the root cause of what is holding you back and heal emotional wounds before training the mind to love like and trust yourself.


When you love, like and trust yourself you are able to be believe in yourself, be present, stop worrying about what other people think and able to focus on taking action aligned to your goals.


When the subconscious is focused on your goals it starts to look for opportunities to make it a reality!


Through a combination of mindset coaching, subconscious transformation using RTT and hypnotherapy alongside action planning we will transform your business mindset, and help you to feel confident and comfortable taking action, being visible online and making your goals a reality.


This is not a cookie cutter approach – this is entirely customised and tailored to what you need, but there are 3 key steps that will help you achieve the success that you want in life and business.


Step 1 – Clear Goal - You need to be absolutely clear on what your goal is, and why it’s important to you. This enables your unconscious mind to plot a course to deliver your goals and keeps you motivated when things get challenging in the future.


Step 2 – Release the fears and beliefs that are holding you back - transform your mindset by identifying the self-limiting beliefs buried deep in your unconscious mind, heal old emotional attachments to those beliefs and imprint powerful new, positive beliefs about yourself and your ability to create your dream life and business.


Step 3 – Create action and accountability – even after you have let go of your fears, it can still be hard to get clear on what to do and when without getting overwhelmed. We will develop an effective action plan to help you breakdown the steps you need to take into manageable tasks and create accountability for moving forwards towards your goal. If you uncover additional blocks or resistance as you go through your action phase we will do further hypnosis and conscious mindset work to keep you moving forwards.

I have worked with lots of women just like you, women who were frustrated by feeling like they were holding themselves back but wanting to finally step into their potential and create the life and business they dream of, but felt overwhelmed by all the things they ‘should’ do, and self-sabotaging their actions through their mindset.


My client’s results include:

  • no longer feeling anxious

  • creating new clients

  • raising their prices

  • being confident talking about themselves at networking events and public speaking

  • working with their ideal clients

  • feeling confident doing live broadcasts on social media

  • being their authentic self

  • creating and selling courses

  • sleeping better

  • more focused

  • feeling happy and many more.

What would your life and business look like in 6 months’ time if you were still within the force-field of self-doubt?


What more could you achieve if you felt confident, motivated and action oriented?




Frequently asked questions


I’ve tried doing mindset work before but it didn’t work – why is this different?


Most mindset coaches only work from the conscious mind, which can be highly effective (and indeed we will likely do some as part of this program) – but for many people the worries or fear that’s holding them back isn’t in their conscious mind it’s in their unconscious mind - so, no matter how much you try to change what you’re thinking you’re fighting against yourself!


Fears and self-limiting beliefs are the unconscious mind’s way of trying to protect us, and were created when we are very young as a way of understanding something that has happened and to try to keep us safe. The only problem now is it’s holding you back.


What makes this program different is that we use hypnotherapy to find the fear and resistance in the unconscious mind, we explore what created it in the first place, we heal old emotional wounds that are causing the unconscious beliefs to continue today, then we reprogram the unconscious mind with empowering, positive new beliefs.



I can’t be hypnotised


Almost everyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state, and one that you will have experienced daily without ever being aware of it. If you’ve ever been so completely engrossed in a film that you’ve forgotten that you’re sat in a chair, watching a story on a screen – that’s a form of hypnosis.


Hypnosis is simply about focusing your attention. However, many people expect it to take your conscious mind away to some magical place, whereas for most hypnotic experiences, your conscious mind is still present, you’re fully aware of what’s happening, but you’re deeply relaxed and that’s when things that you’ve long forgotten about can pop to the surface to be addressed.


The first time I was hypnotised I wasn’t convinced that I had been because I expected it to be something completely different. I’ll send you a pre-recorded guided hypnosis for deep relaxation ahead of your hypnotherapy session so that you feel comfortable and the sensation is familiar before we work together.



I’ve seen stage hypnosis – will you make me do something I don’t want to?


Stage hypnosis is done for entertainment purposes – it’s nothing like hypnotherapy. You can’t make anyone do something in a hypnotic state that isn’t aligned to their personal values, we will only explore what you are comfortable to address and before we do any hypnotherapy work, we will have an in-depth discussion about it and agree boundaries.



If you are ready to stop playing small and step into your potential you can schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me where we will go over any questions you have and find out if the programme is right for you. 

Sounds like just what I need! What’s the investment?


It’s great that you recognise that your mindset is holding you back and that you’re ready to work on it. It takes courage and strength to realise that sometimes you need someone else to help you.

The 3-month program includes:

·     Two 1 hour calls per month where we will focus on mindset or action

·     Hypnotherapy session(s) as needed to help remove your mindset blocks (as part of our 2 calls per month)

·     Guided hypnosis recordings to listen to outside of our calls

·     Mindset coaching and exercises

·     Email support between calls


Investment: £1500 when paid in full or £1650 when paid in 3 monthly instalments (£550 per month).

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