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Overcome anxiety & PTSD and get your life back

Hypnotherapy to feel calm, happy and free of anxiety

The risks of leaving anxiety unchecked are high. If left unresolved, anxiety can put a strain on your relationships, isolate you from loved ones, hold back your career and even damage your health.

Get back to feeling like your old self

  • Think more clearly and focus your mind 

  • Be able to make decisions confidently

  • Sleep well and wake up refreshed

  • Create the energy and emotional bandwidth to start exercising and taking care of yourself

  • Unleash a greater sense of happiness and joy in everyday life

  • Feel confident at work and social situations

  • Feel a greater sense of connection with your loved ones

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You are not alone

Over 8 million people experience an anxiety disorder and yet only 50% see help – and yet in just a few weeks it’s entirely possible to overcome anxiety and get your life back.

Lauren - Sevenoaks, UK

"From the very first session I felt huge shifts and then over time I slowly started to notice that actually the anxiety was lessening and the waves were coming less frequently."

Yasmine - Rotherham, UK

"My transformation has been incredible! The way Helen has managed to reprogramme my mind and put a stop to the limiting beliefs that have run the show for the best part of three decades has changed everything."

Pavli, Buenos Aires

“Working with Helen was like a mental super-detox.  I woke up in the morning feeling positive and full of energy. I had more mental clarity and managed to stick to my schedule and tasks I planned for each day.”

How I work

1. Hypnotherapy to upgrade your internal operating system

2. Small lifestyle changes that will boost your feelings of wellbeing

3. Track your progress every week

Hi, I'm Helen

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in supporting you to overcome anxiety - and I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety myself!

​It’s entirely possible to overcome anxiety for life…. I know because I’ve been there myself.

  • From an early age I worried about everything….

  • As a child I'd lay awake worrying about what I'd said or done in case I'd upset someone

  • In my teens I struggled with social anxiety and would be violently sick every time I went out with friends, ate in a restaurant or even just felt uncomfortable

  • In my corporate career I was fuelled by high functioning anxiety but riddled with imposter syndrome and continually afraid of failing….

That was until I discovered hypnotherapy. Hypnosis rapidly unleashed my positive belief in myself, put my imposter to bed, and left me excited about life.


I want to help you feel the same

To find out more about how I can help you book a free 15 minute discovery call

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