4 Ways Your Mind Blocks You from Making More Money

When we fail to create what we think we want in life (and let's face it we almost all would like more money!), the most common reason is that we’re unknowingly blocking ourselves with unconscious self-limiting beliefs.

​Self-limiting beliefs can create all sorts of issues in life, and money is not an exception.

Almost everyone has a belief about money. Have you ever caught yourself saying something like:

· Money doesn't grow on trees

· ​I'm not good with money

· You've got to work hard to make money

· Me and money are total strangers

· I go through money like water

​If so it's a strong sign that you have an unconscious belief about money and your relationship with it, that's preventing you from creating the abundance that you want.

Here are 4 examples of how your mindset around money might be blocking you:

1. Money is bad or unethical – if you feel resentful of people appear to be wealthy (maybe they live in an expensive house, drive a brand new executive car, or wear designer clothes) because you think that they must have done something bad or unethical to make their money, then you are creating a judgement based on what you see, rather than the truth. By equating wealth and ethics your mind won’t want you putting yourself in a position where you might be doing something it considers to be wrong, so your mind will avoid opportunities to create financial abundance.

2. Fear of success – this is much more common than you might think! It shows up by worrying about being perceived as different to your friends and family if you are making a lot more money than they do and being rejected or worrying what they will think. It might also show up as worrying about success lasting, or a belief that you can only be successful to the detriment of your time with loved ones. Start reframing how you think about success, it is available to you on your terms.

3. Believing that you are not enough or that you don’t deserve good things – This stems from our childhood experiences, with money but also much more widely. If you have a belief that you are broken, damaged or tainted in some way this can lead to a belief that you don’t deserve good things in life; especially money and love. Nobody is ever broken or damaged, wounds no matter how deep can be healed with the right help and everyone is good enough just as they are to deserve good things; you just need to believe it.

4. Believing that you are not good with money – This belief may stem from a childhood belief that you are not good at maths (it’s amazing how many of us had scary maths teachers!) or from events that have led to negative financial situations; such as running up credit card debts. The more you believe it, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Take responsibility for your finances, get professional help to get out of the red if you need it, check your bank balances daily and start to keep a record of where you are spending money and consider what changes you can make. Make your money management a conscious action rather than an unconscious pattern of behaviour.

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